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All Terrain Gear News

20 October 2017 - New colours and sizes from Big Hammer

Most of our angling customers are now familiar with Big Hammer swimbait soft plastics. With their unique swimming body roll and tail twisting action, they have become our biggest selling fishing brand. In time for the summer fishing season, we have now added new colours to the range, and will be upd ... More!

29 August 2016 - New Insulated Bottles from Klean Kanteen

Anyone familiar with Klean Kanteen's Classic Bottle range will be over the moon to see their insulated bottle range. Available in 4 sizes, up to 10 colours and varying top styles all in stainless vacuum bottles, see our ever expanding range here ... More!

19 July 2016 - New Railblaza Products

Anyone looking for innovative and cost effective gear for the kayak or boat needs to look no further than Railblaza. Another shipment has just arrived, including the new Rod Holder R and Illuminate i360 ... More!

4 July 2016 - More BUFF Winter Collection stock has arrived

Due to the inclement weather, we have sold out of most of our BUFF Winter Collection of polartec and wool apparel. This morning we unpacked another shipment and it is now out on the shelves waiting for you to pick up some warm but fashionable winter warmth. And don't forget to check out the new Cycl ... More!

10 June 2016 - New additions to Cuda gear

If you are a fan of Cuda fishing gear, we have now now added some new products to the lineup. Check out the latest in Cuda gear here ... More!

5 June 2016 - Buff Winter Collection stock now available

Cold wet weather is here, but so is the Winter Collection of Buff products. From the Buff Polar to perfomance caps and balaclavas, Buff headwear is fun, colourful and functional. Check out our range of Buff products today ... More!

15 May 2016 - New 2 inch Big Hammer swimbaits now in stock

We have been waiting on stock of the new 50mm (2 inch) Mini Hammers for some time, and they are now in stock and ready to be shipped. Suitable for smaller fish species like bream, trout, yellowbelly and redfin, the Mini Hammers have the same action as their bigger siblings, but with a tighter wiggle ... More!

3 April 2016 - Nite Ize Doohickey available in two colours

Due to the popularity of the Nite Ize Doohickey, we have now added to the range with the stainless Doohickey. What is a Doohickey ? See more details here ... More!

11 February 2016 - Worksharp Shipment arrived

Sick of blunt knives, but no idea how to get them properly sharp? Another shipment of Worksharp Knife Sharpeners arrived yesterday. Using a patented belt head, these sharpeners produce a razor sharp convex edge and in a matter of minutes. Check out the range of Worksharp tools and accessories today ... More!

5 February 2016 - Limited Release Big Hammer Sledgehammer Swimbait Colour

Big Hammer's biggest swimbait, the 9" Sledgehammer is meant for those who want to chase big fish. Combine Big Hammer's unique swimming action at fast and slow speed and a limted release colour called Wildfire, anglers now have something to set those big fish on fire! Check out the range of Sled ... More!

4 February 2016 - Mystical Fire back in stock

If you are looking to add some colour to your next wood burning fire by making it a Mystical Fire, then it is back in stock again. Mystical Fire has been out of stock with the supplier since the New Year, but yesterday we received a whole shipment. If you are getting ready for the big Easter camping ... More!

4 February 2016 - Real Steel T101 Thor folding knife in stock

For anyone interested in quality knives, but needed to watch the budget, you need to check out the Real Steel range. Just arrived into stock are the T101 Thor full size folders with flipper action, Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade and G10 scales. We have limited numbers, so if you want a Real S ... More!

27 January 2016 - More stock of Big Hammer Swimbaits arrived

If you have not tried Big Hammer Swimbaits before, now is the time to check them out. Just unpacked is another shipment, including Ringhammers, Ringer Worms, Hammerheads and all sizes in swimbaits. We have also added a few new colours, including Bubblegum Ice, Trout, Surf Smelt, Invader and Margarit ... More!

5 January 2016 - Ken Onion Worksharps back in stock

We sold out of Ken Onion Worksharp knife and tool sharpeners over the Xmas period; but they are back in stock again. Assorted belt kits to suit are still out of stock, but due in very shortly. And don't forget that the Ken Onion Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener ships for free! ... More!

20 December 2015 - Real Steel Hunter 165 arrived

New from Real Steel is their Hunter 165, a full-tang construction knife compact hunting knife. Made from Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, the Hunter 165 comes completed with sheath and removeable handles. Check out the Real Steel Hunter 165 today ... More!

16 December 2015 - Real Steel Bushcraft II back in stock

We have just received another shipment of Real Steel Bushcraft II knives. Made from D2 tool steel, their suitability comes from their distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation and their ability to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperature Complete with kydex sheath, grab a Real ... More!

29 November 2015 - Tropical Iceboxes

Anyone who has ever used a Tropical Icebox knows that they are using quality. These coolers are durable and have excellent ice holding capacity. From the tiny 10 litre to the massive 160 litre, there is a Tropical Icebox to meet your needs! ... More!

26 November 2015 - New Railblaza Products

Many of our customers have been really impressed with the Railblaza range of products for kayaks, inflatables, canoes, boats and ATVs. Just in time for Xmas, we have added some new products to the range; be sure to check them out: Railblaza Tracport Dash 500 Railblaza Adjustable Extender Railblaz ... More!

12 November 2015 - Frog Toggs Boonie Hat

A new addition to our Frog Toggs range is their Boonie Hats; made from their unique ToadSkinz material. Frogg Toggs ToadSkinz is a hybrid fabric that is windproof, breathable, featuring a micro-porous film combined with a non-woven inner layer. See more details on the Frog Toggs Boonie Hat here ... More!

8 November 2015 - Railblaza Tracport Dash 350 now in stock

Railblaza's TracPort Dash 350 turns one Railblaza StarPort into three. Completed with a StarPort Bridge Support for added rigidity, it will lock into place on your StarPort firmly, and increase your work space. StarPorts can be loosened and slid along the track to the correct position. Once it's se ... More!

2 November 2015 - New Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000

The Railblaza Telepole 1000 has been replaced by the new Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000. The robust and lightweight Extenda Pole 1000 is the most versatile light, flag and camera mounting pole you can buy. It disassembles to a short length for easy storage (350mm or 14″), and has great corrosion ... More!

29 October 2015 - New HammerHead colours

Fitted with Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, and those crazy big frightened eyes, Big Hammer's HammerHeads are suitable for all soft plastics, but particularly Big Hammer's range, and are available from 3/16 to 1 1/12oz. Along with red, we are now carrying a range of Big Hammer HammerHeads in chartreuse, g ... More!

26 October 2015 - Primus Bamboo and Silicon Kitchen Accessories

Add style to your cooking with Primus' bamboo and premium quality silicone kitchenware collection. Made from flexible, premium food grade silicone, heat resistant to 220 degrees celsius, Primus' Kitchenware also feature cool to touch handles made of bamboo ... More!

21 October 2015 - Klean Kanteen Insulated Food Containers back in stock

Klean Kanteen's popular vacuum insulated food containers have been on backorder, but we received another shipment today! Available in two sizes, these cannisters keep your food or dry goods fresh and tasty because they're made from high-quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that doesn't absorb fo ... More!

18 October 2015 - Railblaza Screen Grabba

These days chartplotter, sounder and even radar output can be read on popular consumer electronics. The Railblaza ScreenGrabba holds your iPad, Galaxy Tab or other touchscreen firmly, even when it's in a waterproof bag or hard case. Allowing portrait or landscape viewing, and portability, the Railbl ... More!

15 October 2015 - More Matzuo Ikari Shad's in stock

A complete shipment (all colours) of the Ikari Shad has landed. The Matzuo Ikari Shad (translated Anger Shad) is one aggressive rattler, and available in two sizes. This slow sinking bait has a tight wiggle with a fish attracting, resonating "knock" and "ping". Crank it steady with a slow or moderat ... More!

14 October 2015 - Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower back in stock

If you are looking for an economical and portable shower, we have just received more Companion Rechargeable Camp Showers. Ideal for camping, hiking, caravanning and outdoor events, the Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower is cordless, portable and lightweight. Featuring a built in Lithium-Ion battery, ... More!

6 October 2015 - MTech Zombie Knives

It's not a matter of if, but when the zombie apocalypse will happen. Be prepared with survival tools like knives from MTech. MTech's Zombie Knives are built to withstand Z-Day because it can get hot out there... ... More!

1 October 2015 - Cheeki 1000ml Insulated Drink Bottle

One of the most popular drink bottles in the Cheeki range is back! Not available for some time, the popular 1000ml insulated bottle is back in time for the onset of hot weather! With stainless steel vacuum insulated construction, the Cheeki 1 litre insulated drink bottle also features two lids ... More!

28 September 2015 - Cuda Offset Serrated Knife

Due to the popularity of the Cuda range, we have now added their offset knife. The 230mm offset serrated blade of the Cuda Offset Serrated knife provides extra leverage and increased cutting performance on flat surfaces ... More!

20 September 2015 - Big Hammer Sledge Hammer Swimbaits

Big Hammer have to be one of the best soft plastic swimbaits to hit Australia. For those after big fish, there is nothing better than the largest in the range, the Sledge Hammer. All colours are now in stock, and we have added one more in the Sexy Smelt colour. Try a couple today and see what differ ... More!

14 September 2015 - Cuda Fishing Toools

Cuda utilises state of the art technology and materials to create the very best in fishing tools and tackle. Through extensive research and testing, the Cuda team have created a line of tools that any angler would be proud to count on. Check out the growing range of Cuda Fishing Tools now available ... More!

11 September 2015 - Companion Recreational Day Packs

Now available online is the Companion range of recreational daypacks. With a variety of colours and sizes up to 35 litres, there is a Companion Recreational Day Pack to suit everyone ... More!

10 September 2015 - Chilli Factory Spice it Up range

New from The Chilli Factory is their Spice It Up range of curries and rubs. These are an easy way to prepare an exotic meal for the whole family. Choose from 5 different curries and rubs from Spice it Up today ... More!

5 August 2015 - Companion Quick Fold Travel Chair

Now available is the new Quick Fold Travel Chair from Companion. With its innovative, patented frame design and durable nylon fabric, this chair is designed to go where other chairs are not. At just 48L x 30W x 6.5Hcm (yes, 6.5 centimetres !) the Companion Quick Fold Travel Chair is brilliantly com ... More!

29 July 2015 - New Website

If you are reading this then the new website will be no news; you have already seen it! The new version has been a little while coming. The product line-up is still the same but a lot of modifications have been done behind the scenes to ensure a smoother shopping experience, especially for our mobil ... More!

9 July 2015 - Big Hammer Ringer Worm

Originally designed as a flip bait, the Big Hammer Ringer Worm has carved out a niche in many freshwater and saltwater applications. In freshwater it makes an excellent jig trailer and has proven to be an extremely effective Carolina-rigged bait. The Ringer is also being used in many saltwater app ... More!

2 July 2015 - Divoom Bluetune Bean

Now available from All Terrain Gear is the Bluetune Bean; a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker from Divoom with powerful microphone capability. It works with iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices the incredible sound quality with such a small speaker. With a battery life of up to 6 ho ... More!

30 June 2015 - Big Hammer Sledge Hammer Swimbaits

Equally at home in saltwater or in fresh, the long skinny design of the 9" Sledge Hammer imitates the large bait fish such mackerel that are frequently found in "skinny water". Basically just an elongated version of Big Hammer's 5 1/2" Hammer, the new Big Hammer Sledge Hammer has proven to be much m ... More!

25 June 2015 - Outdoor Edge Zip Pro

A new addition to our range of knives from Outdoor Edge is the Zip-Pro. The Zip-Pro is the ultimate gutting knife that cuts under the skin to open game like a zipper without cutting hair or internal organs. The 7Cr17 stainless blade on the Zip-Pro is a hand finished shaving sharp and holds a super ... More!

24 June 2015 - Ontario Agilite Chefs Knife Set

For those who want excellent kitchen cutlery, you know that you will have to pay for quality. Imagine our surprise when Ontario Knives released their Agilite series of kitchen knifes using Sandvik 14C28N steel. Sandvik is an impressive fine carbon edge holding stainless steel, and Ontario matched ... More!

24 June 2015 - Divoom Voombox Travel

All Terrain Gear are pleased to announce that they are now retailers for the Divoom range of portable speakers. First into stock is the Divoom Voombox Travel . It's rugged, splash resistant design makes it a good choice for outdoor lovers. Using the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessl ... More!

18 June 2015 - Hen and Rooster Jumbo Steak Knife Set

Hen & Rooster have been creating knives and cutlery since 1845. New to the knife range at All Terrain Gear are their Jumbo Steak Knife sets, featuring huge 108mm (4 1/4 inch) partially serrated blades with triple riveted wood handles. This is one steak knife set you would really love to ow ... More!

16 June 2015 - CRKT Clark Fork Fillet Knife

Designed by Ken Steigerwalt, the new CRKT Clark Fork fillet knife features an innovative lock tail to secure the blade not only when closed but also when it is open and in use. . Featuring a nylon sheath, this fillet knife will easily fit into your tackle box. Now in stock and at a great price, th ... More!

9 June 2015 - BigRing Steel from Nite Ize

Made of a continuous loop of sturdy stainless steel, the Nite Ize BigRing is perfect for those of us with more than the average number of keys. Large and roomy, yet lightweight and easy to carry, the BigRing comes with 8 #.5-sized Stainless Steel S-Biners® in two colors (4 stainless, 4 black) so ... More!

22 May 2015 - New Atlantic Gloves from Jack Jumper

Lined with 3M Thinsulate, Jack Jumper's Atlantic Gloves are one of the softest, warmest gloves on the market. Thinsulate insulation is soft and compressible, making it flexible enough even for accessories like hats and gloves, which are difficult to insulate effectively without restricting movement ... More!

20 May 2015 - More ESEE Zancudo models now available

ESEE got further into the world of folding knives with the ESEE Zancudo. Named after the Spanish word for mosquito, the Zancudo is yet another great design from Mike Perrin and is a compact knife that's light and easy to carry. All Terrain Gear have been selling this affordable knife for some time, ... More!

18 May 2015 - Kookaburra Balaclavas now in stock

Winter 2015 is almost here, but our shipment of balaclavas got here first. A balaclava is a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only part of the face. Depending on style and how it is worn, only the eyes, mouth and nose, or just the front of the face are unprotected. Versions with a full face ... More!

4 May 2015 - Matzuo Ikari Shad now available

The Matzuo® America Pro Staff have designed the "angriest" bait series in the history of the company. Named for the Japanese word for "anger," the new Matzuo® Ikari is a lipless, slow sinking bait that creates a loud, fish-attracting "knock and ping" rattling sound and is the ONLY shad bai ... More!

18 March 2015 - Chilli Factory Cranky Croc Choc

It's back! One of the Chilli Factory's most popular products, Cranky Croc Choc has been re-released. This deliciously rich chocolate sauce is delightful on its own, but even more when you get the bite from the chilli. Use Cranky Croc Choc as you would any chocolate sauce, and prepare to be smitten ... More!

27 January 2015 - Railblaza Mounting Systems and Accessories

Versatile, easy to use mounting systems and accessories for leisure and adventure sports on and off the water, that's Railblaza. "Hold Everything" with RAILBLAZA accessories for your kayak, canoe, boat or quadbike. Designed and made in New Zealand, Railblaza is the way to go if you want to pimp yo ... More!

15 January 2015 - Dizzy Scent Blue Water Fish Attractant

 The Dizzy Scent team have put together this great new fish attracting scent designed to perform in an ocean environment. Blue Water Dizzy Scent has had the UV additive boosted for that extra attraction especially when trolling lures! It also contains a very effective fish feeding stimulant a ... More!

8 January 2015 - Website SSL error

Customers using the checkout process have noticed errors and warnings while shopping. This technical error has now been fixed and the site is functioning correctly again. Our apologies over this problem, but things should be back to normal now ! ... More!

7 December 2014 - Peggy Pegs now available

We can't put it any simpler than this; the Peggy Peg range of innovative screw in pegs makes life so much simpler and secure. Hate pulling out pegs more than having to hammer them in? Have you lost gazebos that have not been pegged out properly? Make your outdoor world so much easier by using Pegg ... More!

6 November 2014 - Limber Keel 120 getting hammered

News just in; one of our regular customers has just been in to purchase more Limber Keel 120's because one of his has been almost destroyed. Why ? He has caught 32 (yes, 32) legal Murray Cod in one afternon on one (yes, one) Limber Keel before the lure was unusable. His response was to buy m ... More!

4 November 2014 - ESEE folding knives

For a long time we have been a fan of ESEE knives. Formerly Randall Adventure Training (RAT), it was the guys from ESEE who designed the popular RAT series of folding knives for Ontario. Finally they have brought out their own folders, modelled after the Ontario RAT's, the Zancudo and the Avispa. Mo ... More!

3 November 2014 - Limber Keel weedless lures

If there is one lure you need to get this season, it is the Limber Keel 120 weedless lure. The Limber Keel 120 is a revolutionary design to enable you to fish areas that are generally not accessible to any other type of lure. With a moulded internal ribcage that allows the articulated hook to move f ... More!

28 October 2014 - Prial Vibe Lures

For those fishermen who use vibe lures (also known as lipless crankbaits or rattlebaits), you need to check out the Prial Vibe. Available in two sizes (60 and 70mm) and six colours, these lures are handy to have in any tacklebox. With dual rattle chamber and tight vibrating action, the Prial Vi ... More!

20 October 2014 - Klean Kanteen Insulated Food Cannisters

The next phase of Klean Kanteen©s revolution is serious food transport for school, work, and play. Tare It Up© with bulk-ready Klean Kanteen Food Canisters that replace a lifetime of throw-away plastic/paper containers and bags. Great for storing food at home or taking it with ... More!

19 October 2014 - Bomber Eyewear

Now available from All Terrain Gear are revolutionary sunglasses from Bomber Eyewear. Founded in 1997, by World Champion Jet Ski Racer, Tommy "The Bomber" Bonacci, Bomber Eyewear has revolutionized the eyewear industry through its patented foam lining technology. Out of sheer frustration of ... More!

16 October 2014 - Ontario RAT shipment arrived

Available in 20 different models over two sizes, the Ontario RAT folding knife is one tough little rodent, and we have re-stocked with more. If you want an Ontario RAT in either size, now is the time to get your order in ! ... More!

14 October 2014 - Toryu Shad

Now in stock from Matzuo, the Toryu Shad features "mean" eyes that are red in colour and a wide body that produces a fish enticing wobble. This shallow runner has a wide body to produce an enticing wobble that drives fish crazy and super sharp Matzuo front red treble hook and black chrome rear ... More!

26 September 2014 - More Vudu Shrimp

For all those who have been anxiously waiting on the next delivery of Vudu Shrimp; they have literally just landed and we are madly unpacking them as we speak (and selling as we go). This phenomenal soft bait is so realistic we are even fooling the kids when they come in to see our pet prawn in the ... More!

18 September 2014 - CRKT Hoist n Lock

Stop busting your chops to hang your kill in a tree. The newly released Hoist'N Lok© Big Game Hoist from CRKT was designed by supreme hunter, guide and general outdoor boss, Russ Kommer. The Hoist'N Lok© is a patented 4:1 mechanical ratio pulley system that makes hanging your ... More!

16 September 2014 - Ontario Utilitac II Knives

The Ontario RAT series of folding knives have been so popular that All Terrain Gear are expanding the range to include the UTILITAC II series of folders. Already a sell out success, they have been available instore for a few weeks, but no stock has been available for sale on our website ... More!

15 September 2014 - Dizzy Scent

Darren Borg and Nathan Grima (Team Able Traffic/Diztek) narrowly missed out on 1st place to finish 2nd in the 2014 ABT QLD Bream Open over the weekend. Their choice of fish attractant is Dizzy Scent. Darren Borg devised the secret formula for Dizzy Scent to suit Australian fishing condi ... More!

15 September 2014 - Snugpak Bergen

The Snugpak Bergen, mainstay of Special Forces long range carrying is back in stock. At 100 litre capacity, the Snugpak Bergen is the big daddy of backpacks. Snugpak® is a true, pioneering British company, starting out as an original cottage industry in the 1970s, and developing into ... More!

10 September 2014 - Nite Ize Doohickey

With its lightweight, compact size and multiple save-the-day features, the Nite Ize DoohicKey is something you don't want to-and don't have to-ever be without. Featuring 6 separate tools, this little tool is always handy. Every time you need a Doohickey, make sure it is a Nite Ize ! ... More!

10 September 2014 - Worksharp Knife Sharpeners back in stock

Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners have been selling like crazy; especially the new Ken Onion model. We received another shipment of Standard Worksharps on Monday, and more Ken Onion Worksharps arrived today. These have to be the easiest and most definitive sharpeners available on the market so if ... More!

3 September 2014 - Cheeki Kids Bottles

Since we introduced their stainless steel mugs and cups, Cheeki have become a popular seller for us. As the warm weather approaches, and the demand for hydrations increases, we are now stocking Cheeki's Kids bottles. Available in a number of cheeky and colourful patterns, accessories also include ha ... More!

2 September 2014 - Mobile website running again

After a few technical issues, our mobile website is now processing PayPal payments again. Whil shopping was still possible, the checkout process was being interrupted when logging to Paypal. There has been no problem with customers data, the problem was purely a login issue ... More!

1 September 2014 - Kombo Fishing Tool

Reduce the amount of gear you're packing to and from fishing by carrying the Kombo Fish Tool. Designed in Canada, this 4 in 1 fishing tool fillets, scrapes, sharpens and bonks (yes, it bonks). Oh, and it floats as well. Designed for those who are sick of remembering everything when they go fishing ... More!

1 September 2014 - Mobile website

If you have been trying to purchase from our website using a smartphone or tablet, we have a reported problem with the PayPal checkout system that is not allowing purchases to flow thru. There is no danger to customer details and our technical team are working on a solution as we speak. The problem ... More!

29 August 2014 - Bucher TopRaider Lures

One of the most sought-after baits for big fish is Joe Bucher©s TopRaider and Super TopRaider, and for good reason; it's a proven catcher of the biggest fish. The lure's surface action produces splashing, sputtering and gurgling sounds that attract big fish from far and wide. A counterw ... More!

25 August 2014 - Worksharp Ken Onion model sale ends soon

There is only a couple of days to go to save money on the new WorkSharp Ken Onion knife and tool sharpener. The combination of Work Sharp engineering and Ken Onion's industrial design has created a fast, easy and stylish way to sharpen all your knives and tools with precision and repeatability. ... More!

25 August 2014 - Matzuo Kinchou Minnow

Available instore for some time, and now available on the net, the Matzuo Kinchou Minnows really look like a distressed baitfish with our signature flared "bloody red" gills - a truly natural look. A perfectly balanced, arched body, with complete thru-wire construction, and a chambered body wi ... More!

13 August 2014 - New Balista S-Pop Surface Lures

Balista lures have always intrigued us (and lots of fish too !) with their water activated red flashing LED tail, as well as their swimming action. What we really needed was a big surface crawler, which Balista introduced earlier this year in the Hunchback. On top of that success now comes the new S ... More!

6 August 2014 - New Byrd Finch 2 folding knife

Spyderco's Byrd range have always been popular, especially those whose budget didn't go as far as buying a Spyderco. The Byrd 2 range have been just as popular, and now available at All Terrain Gear is the new Byrd Finch 2. Featuring 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in its construction matched with G10 hand ... More!

5 August 2014 - New Balista Hunchback surface lures

Balista's big Hunchback surface lures have been consistent catchers of big fish, especially Murray Cod. Balista have just returned from the ICAST 2014 Show in Florida where their LED lures have taken the US market by storm. Just released are three new colours in the Hunchback range, Purpetrator, Gol ... More!

31 July 2014 - Worksharp Ken Onion model in stock

The combination of Work Sharp engineering and Ken Onion's industrial design has created a fast, easy and stylish way to sharpen all your knives and tools with precision and repeatability. The Ken Onion model has just been released to the Australian market and All Terrain Gear has stock available ... More!

28 July 2014 - SOG PowerDuo Multi Tools

New into stock, and available in both silver and black finishes, the SOG PowerDuo is a valuable addition to the SOG family of multi tools, and at an exceptional price. Creating versatile, innovative, and dependable products is what SOG has become known for. The new SOG PowerDuo is a hybr ... More!

20 July 2014 - New Frogg Toggs Exsul Toad Fleece Jackets

Introducing Frogg Toggs newest line, the Exsul Toadz Fleece. Their 3-layer, high-quality, water- and wind-resistant fleece provides excellent insulation from cold weather. The jacket's stylish cut makes it perfect in a casual or business casual environment or as an insulation layer under your ra ... More!

22 May 2014 - New Guinness Book of Records Chilli

For those who dared to try Scorpion Strike chilli sauce; there is now an even hotter one. Be careful, it is not for the faint at heart! The Chilli Factory's Reaper Paste is made with the hottest chilli in the world. The Carolina Reaper is described as having a fruity, sweet taste with ... More!

4 April 2014 - New Web Server

Due to an increasing number of web customers, our old server was struggling to hold its own under the load. Over the last few days we have been working around the clock to get our new server up and running. The look and feel will still be the same, but you should notice an increase in website and sh ... More!

25 March 2014 - Tropical Ice Boxes

Many of you would be familiar with Tropical Ice Boxes, even if you don't think you are. Just mention the bright orange ice boxes and all of a sudden people know exactly what you are talking about. For some time we have been looking at adding a quality ice box to our range, and when the opportunity a ... More!

18 March 2014 - Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower

Ideal for camping, hiking, caravanning and outdoor events, the new Companion Rechargeable Camp Shower is cordless, portable and lightweight. Featuring a built in Lithium-Ion battery, simply immerse pump in water and hang or attach shower head to a suitable surface for a quick and easy shower. ... More!

14 March 2014 - Frogg Toggs Waterproof Shorts

Frogg Toggs are renowned for making comfortable, waterproof and breathable all weather gear. Now we have added their waterproof shorts to our range. Starting with the All Sports Shorts, and also their top of the line Karta Shorts, these can be worn on their own or over the top of other shorts. Wear ... More!

8 March 2014 - Cadac Safari Chefs back in stock

Our best selling camp stove (with no exception) has been the Cadac Safari Chef. With multiple cooking surfaces, and small packing size. this little big stove from South Africa's biggest outdoor company is absolutely awesome ! We ran out of stock of the Safari Chef after Xmas, but new stock i ... More!

4 March 2014 - Connelly Tournament Water Sports Gloves

Not just limited to water skiiers, all watersports including boating, kayaking, kneeboarding, jet-skiing etc can take its toll on your hands. We have now added to the website the range of Connelly SP and Tournament Gloves. It is getting closer to Easter and the warm weather is starting to fade; help ... More!

14 February 2014 - Balista LED Hunchback Lures

Balista have finally released their new Hunchback surface lure. With a 90mm body and 90mm wide lip, these top dancers are meant for big fish. And of course they have the traditional red LED in the tail to attract even more bone jarring strikes. Good news is that we have unpacked the first ... More!

14 February 2014 - Balista LED Lures

Give yourself the very best chance every time you go fishing, Balistas LED technology give you an unbeatable advantage. Balista Lures was founded in 2009 in Shepparton VIC and after early findings from housing a flashing red LED in a lure the results stretched far beyond what they had origin ... More!

13 February 2014 - Frogg Toggs Rain Jacket

Frogg Toggs have been a very popular brand, especially in the ultra lite area. Compact and affordable, these jackets (and the rainsuits) are both waterproof and breathable. We will be expanding the range over the next couple of month so stay tuned. Remember - Frogg Toggs; the only frog that won' ... More!

12 February 2014 - Liquid Caddy Beverage Holder

How many times have you gone out in your boat/ATV/bike/scooter/golf buggy/walker and wished you had a holder that actually held your drink; even during the toughest moments ? Wish no more; the Liquid Caddy is here ! ... More!

31 January 2014 - Mossy Oak Archery Points

It's not a passion, it's an obsession. So goes Mossy Oak's standard quote. With more gear coming, we are now stocking Mossy Oak's line of broadheads and fieldpoints. Just a small line at the moment, but we will be expanding our range of the Mossy Oak outdoor products ... More!

24 January 2014 - More Scuttlebug colours available

The Raymack Scuttlebug has not dropped its popularity coming into 2014. This bunch of plastic pourers have been at it night and day to product two new colours, Leprechaun Pepper and Burnt Candy. Each of these lures is handpoured in Ballina, NSW and is matching with the best of lures. Make it a real ... More!

24 January 2014 - More Ontario RAT I Models available

The Ontario RAT (Randall Adventure Training) series of folding knives have been very popular, due to their edge holding AUS8 stainless steel blades as well as their rugged build in pricing. We have just added a number of RAT I's into stock; still the same knife but available with different handle co ... More!

16 January 2014 - Fishing Utility Vests now in stock

Due to customer requests, we are now starting to carry fishing utility vests (also known as fly vests). Not only used for fishing, photographers, kayakers and hunters also regularly use them for carrying gear. More models will follow, but Crystal River is first in with their Utility Vest in 4 sizes ... More!

17 December 2013 - More Scuttlebugs arrived

The new Scuttlebug from Raymack Lures has been so popular that we are selling out in the few colours that we have. Fluoro Pink sold out last week, but more arrived yesterday. We also welcome the arrival of a new colour in Limesicle Scuttlebug; this colour features a bright yellow underbelly to provi ... More!

13 December 2013 - Raymack Scuttlebugs now available

This new lure from Raymack Lures has been much anticipated, with extraordinary results during its field testing. Fished throughout the water  column, but especially deadly when fished with a shaker blade, this lure is bound to be a must have for the 2014 fishing season, in both fresh and saltwa ... More!

10 December 2013 - Ontario RATs back in stock

Ontario RAT folding knives have been incredibly popular; available at a great price in different sizes with an edge holding AUS8 stainless steel blade. They have been a big seller over the past few weeks, and we ran out of stock towards the start of last week. For those who were after any of ... More!

7 December 2013 - New reactive headlamp models

Many of our customers have become familiar with (and purchased) the Petzl Nao reactive reachargeable headlamp. But more were wanting the same headlamp with less maximum power then 355 lumens, and at a more affordable price. Finally we can announce that stock has arrived and is now available i ... More!

7 December 2013 - New Grubber from Raymack

Raymacks Grubber soft plastics have been a big hit with their swinging paddle tail. Just out in time for Xmas and the summer fishing season is Leprechaun Pepper, a new colour in their 90mm range. Also popular will be the new Raymack Scuttlebig, available in two versions and 6 colours. These new l ... More!

1 November 2013 - Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

In this week's newsletter, read all about the fantastic knife and tool sharpener from Worksharp. Featuring patented mechanism that sharpens knives to a convex edge, this tool also sharpens serrated blades, scissors as well as shovels, mower blades and other garden tools. This would have to be one ou ... More!

18 October 2013 - New Products and updates

Read the latest copy of our newsletter regarding soft plastics from Raymack Lures. Raymack are based in Ballina in northern New South Wales, and have been playing with fishing lures for most of their lives. These guys have some fantastic products that are designed to suit Australian fishing, both fr ... More!

23 September 2013 - New Products from Companion and Campfire

With camping season well underway, having no room left to pack that extra gear is always a problem. Companion have released a range of new pop-up products, as well as a couple of other items that are a must have. Click here to see all of the Companion products. Campfire also have so ... More!

13 September 2013 - YUM Yumbrella Rig

A deadly way to target suspending gamefish feeding on baitfish, the Yumbrella Rig allows you to throw more than one Yum Money Minnows, grubs or spinnerbaits at once, to simulate a small school of baitfish. The Yumbrella Ultralight Rig features an ultralight head and the same super tou ... More!

13 September 2013 - Yum F2 Ferocity Soft Baits

YUM soft plastic baits are true fish attractants containing biological and natural fish oils with special ingredients that simulate an injured food source and stimulate the aggressive attack instincts of gamefish to help you catch more fish. YUM is the highly scientific secret ingredient i ... More!

7 September 2013 - Turtleman

Call of the Wildman is the hit American reality television series, following the exploits of Kentucky woodsman Ernie Brown, Jr., nicknamed "The Turtleman". Aided by his friend, Neal James, and his dog Lolly, Brown operates a nuisance animal removal business, catching the animals without harming t ... More!

4 September 2013 - Hammerhead Aqua Gear

With close to 60,000 km of coastline, Australia is one of the ultimate locations for water adventure. Designed right here in Australia, Hammerhead Aqua Gear represents outstanding value, unrivalled durability and above all fun. The Hammerhead range of snorkelling, surfing and spearfishing ... More!

29 August 2013 - Camp Cooking with Dad

Whether Dad likes it or not, he seems to be left in charge of camp cooking. There are all sorts of ways to cook in the outdoors nowadays, but we have found a few things to make his job a little simpler. Check them out in our latest newsletter ... More!

19 August 2013 - Panorama Swags

In Australia, a swag is a portable sleeping unit. It is normally a bundle of belongings rolled in a traditional fashion to be carried by a foot traveller in the bush. Before motor transport was common, foot travel over long distances was essential to agriculture in the Australian bush. When ... More!

9 August 2013 - Geronimo Jerky

Everybody loves jerky, especially those getting outdoors. But there are so many varieties around how can you choose. Or you can try to make you own (we gave up cause the kids ate it all and left none for the adults). After much searching we settled on Geronimo Jerky as our product of choice. ... More!

23 July 2013 - Platypus PlatyPreserve Collapsible Wine Bottle

Whether you are a connoisseur, an enthusiast or a casual admirer of wine, one truth remains: the delicate taste of wine change upon exposure to oxygen. That means wine is best enjoyed within a few hours of being opened. If not properly preserved, wine can go bad in as little as 2 to 8 hours ... More!

22 July 2013 - Petzl NAO Re-Active Rechargeable Headlamps

Headlamps have come into their own in the past few years, with lighter and more powerful models becoming readily available. One thing they have not been able to achieve is the ability not to blind the user when suddenly used at short range. All that has changed with the mew NAO headlamp from Petzl ... More!

10 July 2013 - Klean Kanteen Insulated Pint Cup

We have been expecting these insulated cups for the last six months, and finally stock has arrived ! The capable Vacuum Insulated 473ml Tumbler from Klean Kanteen raises the stakes by vastly outperforming any single-use cup on the planet. Combining Klean Kanteen's trademark electropolished stain ... More!

5 July 2013 - UST 30 Day Lantern

Trust Ultimate Survival to come out with a strange product called a 30 Day Lantern. Funnily enough it actually makes sense, because this lantern will run continously for 30 days on low power. To find out more, check out last weeks newsletter, or click to check it out .And don't forge ... More!

14 June 2013 - CRKT Eat n Tool XL

If you are a current fan of the original CRKT Eat'N Tool, designed by revolutionary designer Liong Mah, you may have been one of the many who were wishing for a slightly bigger version. After waiting for some time, the new XL is finally here ! Just because you are out in the "untamed" wildern ... More!

12 June 2013 - More Happy Camper Meals

For all those happy customers out there who have discovered Happy Camper Gourmet Meals; we have now added more meals to the menu ! Starting with Drover's Beef'n'Bean, this premium Australian beef mince (from Happy Camper's own farm) is accompanied by a 3 bean mix and a mild chilli tomat ... More!

6 June 2013 - CRKT Fillet Knives

Everyone understands about fillet knives. Things happen. Sometimes you're on a tight budget. Sometimes they get dropped and lost. Sometimes you forget to wash and wipe them down after saltwater use, with really ugly results. Sometimes they end up in the bottom of the boat, or in someone else's ... More!

30 May 2013 - FireBuggz Fire Fishing Poles

Start up the fire, call over some friends and let the FUN begin. Fire Fishing... The new wave in camping fun with the kids (of all sizes) Sausages/Hot dogs/marshmallows/corn/prawns can all be cooked on this fire roaster that looks and feels like a fishing pole.  Kids and adults will ... More!

23 May 2013 - The Chilli Factory

Do you like it hot ? Anyone who has taste tested the Chilli Factory's famous "stupidly hot BBQ sauce, Scorpion Strike, will vouch in panted breaths with streams of tears that this is not a sauce to be taken lightly. It was created from the Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor Chilli that tops ... More!

16 May 2013 - Parsun Outboard Motors

As any boater realizes, going boating isn't a cheap pastime anymore. Over the years the cost of outboards is constantly going up, up and up. Until now that is. Parsun is a relatively new brand range of outboard motors on the world and Australian market, and now available from All ... More!

13 May 2013 - Cheeki Coffee Cups and Mugs

The name says it all really; Cheeki. Cheeki began with a passion and the passion continues to grow - today they are a company that is continuously striving to provide Australians with a sustainable alternative to plastic in both water bottles as well as cups and mugs. Cheeki uses a Food ... More!

9 May 2013 - K Rack Kayak Loader

Do you need to get it up ? So goes the catch phrase from KRack's Kayak Loading system. Anyone who has ever tried to load a kayak will know that they won't always go easily; and sometimes they just cause damage. The new KRack Kayak Loader is an easy and portable way to manage your kayaks wi ... More!

8 May 2013 - Rib-O-Lator arrives

Many of our customers are enjoying the thrill and luxury of their Auspit portable rotisserrie, but there are just some foods that it is difficult to get onto a spit. Well, Auspit have done it again, with their release in Australia of the Rib-O-Lator. The best way we can think of to descri ... More!

28 November 2012 - Remote Controlled Helicopters

There is something about radio controlled cars and helicopters that ignite the child in all of us. Yes, we know that RC helicopters don't have a lot to do with the great outdoors, but sometimes you just can't get outside. And these Swann Helicopters are just the thing to play with inside (and to cha ... More!

27 November 2012 - Stainless Steel Kettles from Campfire

Everyone talks about adding a little colour to your life, so how about adding a little colour to your camping this Christmas with the Campfire Kettle range Made from stainless steel with an encapsulated base, these kettles are available in a number of colours and sizes to suit your ca ... More!

23 November 2012 - New additions for Insulated Food Servers

Just like last time we had them, the insulated food servers have been selling extremely well since we re-introduced them just 10 days ago. Those that get our newsletter will already know, but we have expanded the range to include the rectangular server colours in ivory as well as eggplant. ... More!

21 November 2012 - Random New Products

From time to time we add products to our line-up just because customers have requested them repeatedly. So, here come some more: The Primus Camp Oven Trivet; available in two sizes, these trivets allow you to bake using your camp oven by elevating your scones, cake or damper up off the potent ... More!

14 November 2012 - Tarp/Tent Pole Peg from Boltan

These is a variation on an old joke that starts "how many men does it take to put up a tarp....." The answer is more than one and usually with a lot of frustration and swear words thrown in. And then along come the guy from Alvey Surf Fishing with their new Tarp/Tent Po ... More!

13 November 2012 - Enjoy Insulated Food Servers

From Italian company Ater, comes the Enjoy range of insulated food servers. It has been some time since we have been able to obtain stock of these much sought after items, but we are pleased to announce that they are back in time fo Christmas 2012 ! With the capability to keep food hot or col ... More!

8 November 2012 - Thermos Element 5 Coolers

The Thermos brand name is synonomous with quality outdoor insulating products, in particular with regard to their Element 5 range. New to our product line-up for summer are the Element 5 Coolers. With a tear-resistant polyethylene liner, they are easy to clean and waterproof. And if the T ... More!

7 November 2012 - Fuel Ski Tubes

Its that time of the year when the temperature starts to go up and playing in the water really starts to take off. Fuel Watersports have available some terrific deals on ski tubes (or towables); check them out today before they speed out the door ! ... More!

6 November 2012 - Booyah Boogee Baits

A chatterbait combines the flash of a spinnerbait, the vibration of a crankbait and the snag resistance of a jig. The key to this incredible style of bait is the blade design that creates an intense vibrating action. The Booyah Boogee Bait combines the big-fish attracting profile of a ... More!

2 November 2012 - Buff Multi-Function Headwear

Once upon a time there was a keen off-road trials motorcyclist from Spain, who realised there was a need for a multifunctional garment that could be worn on and around his head while out riding in any and all conditions. Having worked in the textile industry for over 25 years manufacturing k ... More!

1 November 2012 - Buck Travelmate Kit

The Buck Travelmate Kit can only be described as a kitchens worth of tools in one travel kit. The kit includes a knife, as well as a stainless steel fork with an integrated bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver and grill scraper. The spreaders flexible blade easily spreads Vegemite, peanut but ... More!

31 October 2012 - Lindy Darter Lures

Fishermen in Europe and North America have used jigging lures for centuries to coax fish out of tight spots that can only be fished vertically. In fact, the only way ice fisherman can fish lures is straight down the ice hole. Although used in the past, many Australian fishermen are coming b ... More!

30 October 2012 - Mystical Fire Back in Stock

When we started to carry an unusual item called Mystical Fire, no-one here at All Terrain Gear could guess how popular it would be. So popular in fact, that we sold out of everything we had and were not able to get any more. Just in time for Xmas, we have managed to secure more stock, muc ... More!

26 October 2012 - Inflatable Body Boards from Body Glove now in stock

The Body Glove range of inflatable Body Boards brings more fun to the beach, and is a great casual replacement for a surfboard. With the ability to inflate and deflate on demand, these unique body boards will save you the hassle of lugging around heavy boards when hitting the sand and surf thi ... More!

4 July 2012 - Kelly Kettles

Also known as the Volcano Kettle, Kelly Kettles are one of the fastest ways to boil water using natural materials. Depending on the fuel you are using, the Kelly Kettle ® will boil water in 3 to 5 minutes. Made from Aluminium or Stainless Steel, it is essentially a double-walled chimney with ... More!

28 June 2012 - New Products from Nite Ize

Between here and Xmas we will be introducting more Nite Ize products. These guys seem to come up with all sorts of stuff that manages to fill a niche somewhere. Have a look at these new items: Nite Ize CamJam; designed as a cord tightener, similar to the Figure 9 rope tighteners Nite Ize ... More!

25 June 2012 - Outdoor Edge Knives

Outdoor Edge goal is to combine functional design with the sharpest, best edge holding steels, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship to create the finest quality knives and hand tools. Creators of the SwingBlade, Kodi-Pak, Game Processor, Flip N' Zip, Outdo ... More!

20 June 2012 - Thermos Products

Founded in 1904, Thermos L.L.C. is the leading manufacturer worldwide of insulated food and beverage containers, childrens lunch kits and other innovative consumer products. At any time of the year, but particularly the colder months, our thoughts ... More!

19 June 2012 - Old Hickory Kitchen Cutlery

Situated in New York State's scenic Southern Tier, Ontario Knife Company produces one of the most comprehensive, wide-ranging product lines in the cutlery industry today. Ontario has built its reputation on a heritage of uncompromising craftsmanship, quality materials and components, an ... More!

18 June 2012 - Heat Factory Air Activated Warmers

Heat Factory is the Original North American Hand Warmer Company, beginning operations in 1980. Their specialty is air activated hand warmers, body warmers, toe warmers, and heated accessories providing warmth and pain relief Most of us still like to get outdoors, even ... More!

15 June 2012 - Nokero Solar Light Bulbs

Nokero designs and manufactures the worlds leading small scale solar products. Nokero (short for no kerosene) was formed in 2010 to develop safe, affordable and environmentally friendly technology that elimates the need for harmful and polluting fuels used around the world. Nokero use long last ... More!

14 June 2012 - Grilliput Portable Camp Grill

The Grilliput is a stainless steel, portable grill that packs into itself, making the packed size and shape about that of a runners baton. Anyone who wanted a way to have better meals while on backpacking trips would find this a great alternative to other grills which fold flat, but still remain ... More!

8 June 2012 - The only frog that wont leak on you

Frogg Toggs have been such a big seller in their footwear range that we have added raingear to the list as well. Using their own special froggy technology (froggology ?) they have produced some truly terrific ponchos, rainsuits and coats (we like the Horny Toadz range) that are breathable. ... More!

5 June 2012 - More Unbreakable Products from Strahl

Strahl's unbreakable glassware from New Zealand is a product that is not well known in outdoor circles, but is rapidly becoming very popular with all of our customers. Sadly, the Strahl Party Packs are no longer available, but we do have three products that have been added to the line up. Ma ... More!

28 May 2012 - New Cadac Cooking Accessories

In our opinion, South African based company Cadac make some of the best cooking systems and accessorires in the world. You just to have a look at their Safari Chef to find out why it is our biggest selling camping stove system by a country mile. Due to popular demand we will be expand ... More!

11 May 2012 - OzPig Camp Stove and Heater

Take it fishing, camping or use it in your own backyard or patio. The Ozpig is great when entertaining outdoors. Relax and enjoy the warmth of an open fire in safety while you boil the billy and cook up a feast. The Ozpig is portable, collapsible and easy to transport. When transporting th ... More!

10 May 2012 - Xtreme Camp Cooking Damper Premix

When we first heard that a company was about to market pre-mixed damper, our first thoughts were "you have to be kidding; damper is so easy" ! But as we talked more about the idea, disasters with loose fitting lids of flour, missing ingredients etc opened our eyes to what a great idea it all was. ... More!

15 March 2012 - Primus LiteTech Kettle

There are many different options for boiling water when camping, and the Primus LiteTech Kettle is great for hiking, or even just general camping, and often a better choice than the old billy. The design is tough and the low profile allows to you fit the kettle in some tight places, either in y ... More!

8 March 2012 - Companion Wireless Fridge Thermometer

With a range of up to 25 metres (and no fiddly wires to worry about) this great new product from Companion makes sure that your fridge or icebox is keeping your drinks and perishables ice cold Monitor the temperature of your fridge in the caravan or camper trailer on those long driv ... More!

8 March 2012 - Proline Watersports Ropes

Due to increasing demand, we are now starting to add some watersports accessories to our line up, starting with Proline water ropes. Proline are the #1 rope and handle brand in the water sports industry! They offer the most progressive line of wakeboard and water-ski specific handles and mainlines ... More!

7 March 2012 - Cold Steel Lite Knives

Cold Steel's knives have always been very successful in the hands of people who know what to expect from a good knife. Many people are familiary with and would love to own models such as the Outdoorsman, the Pendleton Hunter or any one of the famed Cold Steel Tanto's. Many of our customers simply ... More!

29 February 2012 - Koda Gear

Koda Gear is a new and exciting Australian brand, built for Australian conditions. Their main aim is to inspire adventure - whether it be avid family campers, young explorers and even seasoned adventurers, by producing high quality, durable and user friendly equipment at a truly affordable pri ... More!

29 February 2012 - Frogg Togg Amphib Boots

Frogg Toggs was founded in 1996, on the promise of total customer satisfaction. The strategy that has made them the undisputed leader in lightweight, breathable, affordable rainwear and one of the most recognised names in the rainwear industry is simple: they listen to their customers. All Te ... More!

29 February 2012 - Alps Mountaineering Sleeping Bags

Although we are getting closer to winter (and it looks like being a cold one), not everybody in Australia needs a sub-zero sleeping bag. Introducing two new sleeping bags from Alps Mountaineering, the Spring Lake, and the Summer Lake. Both Bags are rectangular bags meaning that they are easier to g ... More!

29 February 2012 - Burke Weedless Bullfrog Lures

Fishing topwater has always been a bit of an adventure, and a real thrill when you see a fish come up and take your lure. Frog lures have been in demand of late, none more so than the Burke Bullfrog. Available in two colours and two sizes, the lures feature a weedless hook to make sure you can get i ... More!

3 February 2012 - Torqeedo Electric Outboards

What if there was an alternative outboard motor (or ultralight kayak motor) which not only runs quietly on electricity, but has a throttle display that shows the precise speed over the ground as well as battery charge status and calculate remaining range with conditions such as current and tid ... More!

30 January 2012 - LED Lenser Headlamps

Founded in 1994, LED Lenser revolutionized the flashlight market with cutting-edge innovation and precise German engineering. With more than 1000 employees worldwide, the company is now one of the world's leading flashlight manufacturers. LED Lenser lights use only the brightest, hig ... More!

30 January 2012 - Storm Wiggle Wart

No tackle box would be complete without a few Storm Wiggle Warts in it. These baits are noted for their fish-enticing wide wobble and steep diving characteristics. They are able to reach depth quickly and stay there longer, which in turn, gives you more time in the strike zone. In addition ... More!

24 January 2012 - ScumFrog Bigfoot

Recently we have been getting a number of enquiries about frog fishing lures. To this end, we will be adding a number of lures in this style to the website, starting with the ScumFrog Bigfoot. The Southern Lure Company knew they had a winner when they designed the Bigfoot. The Scum Frog Bigfoot f ... More!

13 January 2012 - Happy Camper Gourmet Meals

Many of us can relate to camping food that tasted remarkably like cardboard. And then there are those who used to grimace every time someone suggested an army ration pack. Nowadays there are some delicous camping meals available, but Happy Camper Gourmet Meals have to take first place by a long dist ... More!

16 December 2011 - More from Cold Steel

Everyone recognises Cold Steel for their quality knives, but they are becoming just as well known for their training products and their walking sticks. Fresh into stock are the following: Cold Steel Medieval Training Sword Cold Steel Dragon Walking Stick ... More!

14 December 2011 - Mystical Fire

Now that the school holidays are almost on us, and with outdoor activities firmly on our mind....watch out for Mystical Fire ! Everyone who enjoys Bonfires will love watching the colour of the flames change for up to a full 1/2 hour with this bonfire novelty; it's the best thing since to ... More!

14 December 2011 - Storm Hot N Tot MadFlash Lures

The Storm Hot n Tot Mad Flash is the number one selling lure series for trolling and drift fishing. The searching action of the Hot n Tot is as wild as it gets. Working from side-to-side, its erratic motion gets the attention of gamefish, yet it's stable under troll. Made with th ... More!

12 December 2011 - New Strahl Products

If you are looking for a great gift idea that will be appreciated, used frequently and more importantly, LAST; you can't go past the Strahl range of products. Strahl beverage ware is made in New Zealand of extremely durable polycarbonate making them virtually unbreakable, whilst the unique propert ... More!

12 December 2011 - New Burts Bees Lip Balms

Lip Balms from Burts Bees have always been a very popular item with our customers, not only because they are natural, but also because they are an excellent product for use in Australia, especially in the summertime. Firstly the much awaited SPF Lip Balm with a Sun Protection Factor of 8. Our custo ... More!

6 December 2011 - Cadac Safari Chef Adapter

The Cadac Safari Chef has been our biggest selling camping stove by a long margin.This portable and versatile gas BBQ, weighing only 4kg, includes five interchangeable cooking surfaces, and the three legs fold neatly into the bottom of the stove making a neat fit into the carry bag. A ... More!

6 December 2011 - Matzuo Zen Series Quinate

Much has been made of jointed fishing lures in recent years; the reason being that the joints give the lures the appearance of swimming thru the water. Most have been made with one joint, but Matzuo has gone even better with its Quinate, part of the Zen Series of lures. At rest, the Quinate f ... More!

6 December 2011 - Ultra Pinnacle PFD

The primary purpose of any Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or lifejacket is to increase safety. They assist the wearer to float and ultimately can prevent them from drowning. For this to be achieved the lifejacket must be: the correct type for the situation the righ ... More!

23 November 2011 - Geigerrig Pressurised Hydration Systems

Hydration and water use is the most important consideration for outdoor activity activity that is most often enjoyed with friends, family and teammates. A hydration pack should make it easy and convenient for everyone to use and access water for all of its many purposes. GEIGERRIG, with it ... More!

23 November 2011 - New Cold Steel Products

And just to prove that we really do handle all sorts of gear, Cold Steel have released some more training products, and we are commencing reintroduction of their popular Kitchen Classic range of kitchen knives ! Cold Steel's training products have become well known, and their range of product ... More!

19 November 2011 - New Nite Ize Products

Well, here we are in camping season again, and Nite Ize have (as always) released some more handy products. How many times have we all tripped over tent ropes in the dark, even though we have been using a torch, and probably should have know that they were there ? Am pretty sure that my toes have lo ... More!

17 November 2011 - Kershaw Wasabi Kitchen knives

Wasabi means 'Harmony and Tranquility'. This range of Kershaw kitchen knives certainly reflect the feelilng you'll experience while using the incredibly sharp Wasabi knives. The Kershaw Wasabi line features traditional Japanese blade styling; the single bevel design allowing an incredibl ... More!

17 November 2011 - Bear Grylls Survival range

"Bear" Grylls is an English adventurer, writer and television presenter. In March 1997, he joined the British Army and after passing on his second attempt United Kingdom Special Forces Selection, he served in the part-time United Kingdom Special Forces Reserve, with 21 Regime ... More!

15 November 2011 - Primus Flip n Drip back in stock

Customers will be pleased to learn the Flip'n'Drip coffeemakers are back in stock again. Previously these have been sold under the Brunton brand, but they are now available as the Primus Flip'n'Drip. Each shipment has sold out very quickly, but even after backorders have been filled, we now ... More!

15 November 2011 - Product videos added to website

As well as adding larger photos to our detailed product descriptions, we have also been adding videos with more recent products in order to give our customers a better perspective as to how the products work and look. Starting with the recent Bear Grylls line of survival products, Nathan ... More!

9 November 2011 - Nathans Knife Kits back in stock

Customer Knifemaker Glenn Klecker's son Nathan came up with the brilliant idea of producing a working wooden folding knife that is exactly like the real thing, but with no sharp edges ! We sold out our first two shipments before we could get them on the website, but we have just received ... More!

2 November 2011 - Kershaw's colourful kitchen knives arrive

Kershaw Pure Komachi knives may be cute, but the technology and color coding have a serious purpose: stopping cross contamination when preparing food. The fluorinated-resin coating on the high carbon stainless steel blade helps resist bacteria while the color coded, special-function knives ... More!



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